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Buffalo Polymer Processors, Inc. (BPPI), was incorporated in 1989. The company began life as a toller/reprocessor of reclaimed post industrial materials. Materials were compounded in a 50 litre Banbury style mixer, then sheeted and diced.

Since then, BPPI has experienced a steep, consistent growth curve, continuously adding equipment, staff, and technology. Services have expanded to include custom compounding, which can be performed on a toll cost structure, or on a finished goods basis.

Custom compounding has taken over as the main activity, and this work is accomplished in any of six production lines, ranging from 4 1/2" single screw extrusion to 6" twin rotor continuous mixing. Pelletizing can be performed in sheet/dice format, or Gala underwater processes. The most popular being underwater pelletizing.

Both incoming and outgoing materials can be handled in a number of ways, including: gaylords, supersacs, bulk trucks and rail. Buffalo Polymer Processors, Inc. has an annual capacity in excess of 50 million pounds.

BPPI also compounds a proprietary thermoplastic material called "Starloy". This compound is formulated from vulcanized rubber scrap and plastic scrap. (This material is available for purchase as a replacement thermoplastic elastomer.) Contact us for specifications and pricing.

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